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The poems in this book reflect a life-time of writing Christian Poetry to inspire, teach, and lead others to the grace and mercy of our Heavenly Father, and to share that God’s love does indeed reach down and touch the lives of each one of us in our journey here on earth…with all the good, bad, happy, uplifting, depressing, and sometimes lonely situations we each experience in our walk through life. “The Fingers of God” is the first full-length collection of poetry written and published by Lisa Neu, with several books to follow in the future.



“Lisa’s poems are captivating to the heart.  Her words are potent, powerful, and penetrating.  Whether a word that uplifts, a phrase that creates peace, or a reminder of Truth….Lisa Neu’s poems impact readers and are easy to understand, connect with, and continue to resonate in the heart long after having been read.” 

Amie Gamboian—-National Mary Kay Director, Mentor, Business Coach, and Speaker


“Lisa Neu’s inspirational poetry touches my soul in a deeply intimate way.  And yet it is universal in it’s treatment of feelings that all of us experience.  I would recommend this book to anyone who wish to deepen their relationship with Christ.”

Mary Bernier—-Owner of Inspired Giving: Changing the World through Philanthropy



“The inspiration of Lisa’s poems soothe my heart, my mind, my soul….creates memories, and present and future goals, as I read her enlightening words that I apply to my life daily.”

John Lee Hoich—-Entrepreneur and Author of “From the Ground Up”